Rules & Regulation
  • The college prospectus has detailed information regarding Rules and Regulations for Students.
  • The students seeking admission in the college have to submit the application forms before last date of submission of application forms. These dates will be displayed on the notice board.
  • The students who have been selected for admission, will have to pay all fees within the dates prescribed by the college. If not, his/her admission will be treated as cancelled.
  • Complete tuition fees and other fees for the whole session will have to be paid by the Students who are willing to cancel their admission at any time for any reason.
  • Without submission of complete session fees no certificate of any kind will be issued. No refund will be paid to any amount paid by the student at the time of admission and later.
  • The newly admitted students will have to enroll themselves in the university. For this purpose, a prescribed from will be supplied by the college in due course of time or on the date prescribed by the university. Students who fail to submit the form shall be responsible for any action taken by appropriate authorities.
  • All instructions issued by the Principal shall have to obey by students. The students will be accountable for their behaviour in the college premises. Proper actions will be taken against the students violating the rules and regulations of the college or behaving in absurd manner and will be rusticated from the college. It is assume that the students and their parents and/or guardians have read and understood these rules and college prospectus thoroughly.
  • Students should show respect and politeness towards all staff members at college and their fellow students, including girls. Any act of sexual harassment, ragging, disobedience, anti-social behaviour or harassment of girl students are punishable offences and will be dealt with utmost severity.
  • The learning infrastructure such as college books, room furniture, fans, sports equipments and facilities in general provided by college to the students should be used by students in proper manners. Otherwise, the cost of damage done will have to be bourn by concerned student.
  • The students should attend class-room teaching and not roam in corridors or waste time during working hours or free classes. But, they should go to the library and reading room facilities.
  • The students should wear uniform & carry Identity Card during entire duration of college.
  • Any unhealthy habits such as Smoking, gutka/paan chewing are strictly prohibited. Similarly, ragging is strictly prohibited. Otherswise, the offenders are liable to face legal action.
  • The campus should be kept clean and hygienic. It is the responsibility of students to maintain cleanliness on the campus. Any student found littering the college premises or spitting on the wall or causing any dirtiness will be severely penalized.
  • In a year, seven days Chetna Vikas Mulya Shiksha Workshop and one period study of CVMS is mandatory.
  • It is mandatory for the students to attend at least 75% of the lecturers (including Practicals) delivered in each subject, satisfy the college authorities regarding their general progress, and measure up to the minimum standard of physical efficiency prescribed in order to qualify for the Board/University examinations, concessions and scholarships
  • It is compulsory to attend any of skill class for every student.
  • A chart of monthly attendance record will be displayed regularly for the information of students so as to make them aware of incompleteness of attendance
  • It is required to attend Teachers-parents meeting for all parents.
  • The entry of a student engaged in any kind of govt./non govt. job, business & studying in other courses is prohibited.
Samadhan College, Bemetara
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