From the Desk of Chairman
The overall purpose of education is to enable a human being to live a fulfilling life in harmony with oneself and with family, society and nature. Values provide the basis for all our actions and there are an essential complementarities between values & skills with needs to be ensured in any education system.
In our college along with academics knowledge, we give value based Holistic education (CVMS) also to our students to create global and responsible citizens who carve a niche for themselves in the competitive world. This course (CVMS) is based on Madhayasth Darshan : Co-existentialism by Shri A. Nagraj Ji who has propounded this philosophy to understand the human reality in the existence.
The service of our college in creating personally mature, professionally equipped & service oriented teachers is really worth mentioning. Our college has set specific objectives & planned activities, workshops for achieving excellence in all spheres of teacher education.
We, at Samadhan College believe in equipping students with knowledge and skills but also back them up with hands on training which assists them in achieving excellence and succeeding in their career. Our aim is the overall development and growth of the students and we are determined to impart our best.

Dr. Alka Tiwari
Chair Person, Samadhan College
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